The East Coast Bully League's Come Together Day 2017 was a Success! Special thanks to Norman Forrest, Edward Perez of Manmade Kennels and the ABR Registry

The Show was packed, we saw a lot of nice dogs and met some great people. If you didn't get a chance to make it out this year, this is one you don't want to miss for next year.  We would like to give a shoutout to Ran Soriano with Bullypedia, Zeb Brooks of Zeb Pits, FW Spielberg and Bully Worldwide.  These are guys that have been putting in work for years and it was an honor to meet them.  Be sure to Follow them, you'll be glad you did.


Although we DON'T LOVE the title.. "500K Bully" (sends the wrong message) We ARE EXTREMELY PROUD of our Mascot VENOM making Headlines this week!

Source: Barcroft Tv

MEET the world’s most famous micro bully - Venom - who is valued at over $500,000

Thanks to his unmistakeable bodybuilder physique, the micro bully has collected fans from across the globe - including a dedicated fanbase in Brazil - but, first and foremost, he is a beloved family pet.

Venom lives with Matt Siebenthal, his fiancé Deanne and his stepson Christian in Lake Worth, Florida, along with his fellow dogs King Tyson and Lucky Lucciana.  At two-years-old the dog has become a fixture on the bully scene and has attracted some sky-high offers from his eager fans.

Matt said: “The most were offered $150,000 for Venom and that was before he was a year old and I thought it was pretty crazy, and would definitely change our lives.. but he is a family member.

“How do you explain it to a seven-year-old boy? They don’t understand the concept of $150,000. He is thinking, ‘Why would you sell my best friend?!’”

Despite this micro bully’s gentle personality, the breed, along with pit bulls, has often been labelled as aggressive by the mainstream media, but this family have always believed in the loving nature of their dogs.

Deanne Lane said: “I think the biggest misconception about American bullies is that they look aggressive because of the muscle mass or the size, but they are just gentle giants.”

Seven-year-old Christian - who counts the three dogs amongst his best friends - could not agree more. He said: “People should know that American bullies are only mean to bad people and not good people like in our family.”  When first confronted with the sheer mass of a micro bully, even Matt had fleeting doubts about the breed, until it showed him its softer side.

He said: “The first time I saw an American bully was in college and I was blown away by the size. I just assumed it was a pit bull. I was at a friend’s house and it was kind of staring at me about two inches away and I was a little worried at first, then it licked me across the cheek and I realised their true nature. I had to get one!

“Don’t judge a book by its cover and don’t believe everything the media puts out. I have had pit bulls, I have had American bullies and I have never had an aggressive dog. “I think if you take the time to socialise them young, around people and other dogs, it’s not in them to be mean, that’s a learned behavior.

"Any dog breed will be mean and aggressive if they are kept locked up 23 hours a day.” As the family have the perfect example of prime micro bully breeding, they are passing on Venom’s priceless genes onto healthy pups, who sell out months in advance for an average of $4-6000.

“His puppies have been crazy. He’s got over 40 productions in their forever homes and they are little monsters. We have had three vets, that’ve done C-sections and told us they have never seen anything like it. 

"They’re coming out looking like little bulls! More importantly, despite his extreme build and traits they have all been healthy." 

"He has produced some of the shortest & thickest bullies we've ever seen." Add on to that the fact he's producing champagne, lilac, blue and chocolate tri colored pups and it's easy to see why he's one of the most sought after Studs in the world.

“What makes him so special is his build. He is extremely short and it is really difficult to get this type of muscle mass on a dog this height with the head structure and the extremely short back.”

To keep the chunky (Chunk is his call name) dog’s heritage strong and stable, Texas Size Bullies only breeds  a few times a year to ensure that they produce only the highest quality puppies.

Even though Siebenthal could command huge pay cheques for his three dogs, he has no intention of selling the precious pups. He said: “How much would I say all three dogs are worth?  Priceless. They are part of the family. How do you put a value on that? They have changed my life.”

After years of being one of the breed’s biggest champions, Matt decided to listen to his fiancé and start writing about the striking breed in his own magazine - Bully King Magazine.

The bi-monthly magazine celebrates everything bully related from breeding and training information to health, diet and exercise tips. Find out more at:

On May 20th, Venom will be headlining at Come Together Day in Harrington, Delaware and he will be meeting the world’s most beloved pit bull - Hulk.

Click HERE For More Information on Louis V Line's Venom


Early 2000, one of the guys I worked with brought in dog.  I ended up watching the dog for a while and wanted one of my own.  My first dog was bought as a pet, I didn’t initially have any intentions to breed.  I had someone ask me how much I charged for for a Stud. I had no idea people paid to use a dog.  This was the 1st time I realized there was a business side to this as well.  I had bought the dog from Mugleston’s in Texas. (Mugleston’s was known around this time to produce some of the thickest XL’s in the country.)  A friend asked to breed and said I could keep a puppy.  So I kept a female. Around a year later they locked up without my knowledge and she became pregnant.  This first litter produced a fawn that I kept named Simba.


I saw a dog show article in a pet store advertising a local show. So I attended my first show which was I believe the first ABKC Nationals, held at a flea market. At this show I met the owner of Makaveli Pits and Dave Wilson (Founder of the ABKC) and started making friends in the community.  People wanted to pay money for my puppies, so I had a few more breedings. Around this time I saw opportunity and began to have a goal, a vision for what I thought was my ideal dog.


Around this time you would hear a lot of people say things like “if the dog had 5 or 10 more lbs it would be a bully” I saw a lot of fat dogs with big heads.  I had a vision for a different build. I wanted to add bone, muscle, head.  I had it set in my mind. Simba (my 1st production was an XL with a 27” head and 22” tall. Back then this was huge.  I wanted that head, but on a 17 or 18” frame (Standard Class) I wanted to to keep the head, shorten the dog, add bone, mass and produce something more compact.  People would tell me “that’s impossible” which is the worst thing you can say to me, because then I have to prove that it can be done.


Trial and error.  Followed by more trial and error.  I noticed that females were key. From what I watched and studied, I found that females were more likely to pass on traits than the males.  I also learned from my initial experience that there was no consistency.  What I mean is that from a breeding there would be one or two with the traits I wanted but the others would be much more terrier looking.  I started over, this time with a different plan of action. I decided to bring in different females, I bought the shortest, bulliest females I could find and spent good money investing into my vision.  I bred these bitches to only the best males out, keeping only the pick of the litter.


Initially I didn’t line breed or inbreed.  I brought in several different bloodlines that had the feautures I wanted to reproduce.  I brought in Kurupt, Roc N Ruby, Gaff even some Watchdog, but only the bulliest examples from the different bloodlines.  I starts to see huge heads, but one thing I noticed around this time is that the dogs had no necks! You’d see these massive heads just sitting on the dog’s shoulders.


I started studying genetics, not online articles that anyone can write.. but medical journals. I noticed that there weren’t many studies on canine breeding compared to horses.  Horses were big money, and because there was big money in horses, people paid for high dollar studies and doctors to research and test breeding methods and genetics. I wanted proven studies with verifiable results, not an opinion.  I learned a lot from these.  Having said all of that, nothing beats personal experience and trial and error.


I was after a better neck to go with the larger heads on my dogs.. around this time Denzel was the ideal bully.  I had Males with 24-27” heads that were 18” tall and females with 23-25” heads that were a little shorter than the males. But they were never consistent in the rears. Denzel did a great job of fixing rears, and shortening backs. Around this time  I met Pat from Grand Raw Kennels. He had the bodies I wanted.  Pat’s bitches were out producing what mine were with Denzel.  We partnered together and produced Stella.  Midwest Monster’s blood really clicked with Denzel.


Stella had everything I wanted, a fat rear, small waste.. the total package minus the head.  But heads were one thing I had on lock so I knew I was getting closer to my ideal dog.  But 

I was still missing something, I needed a bigger, bullier neck.  I started to look at Dax.  Everyone tried talking me out of it, but I knew it was worth a shot. Again, I knew exactly what I wanted.


I decided to breed with Dax and the result was everything  I wanted. (The result of this breeding was the World Famous Champion Magoo, once rumored to be the highest selling dog ever-we’ll clear that up in this article, but here’s a hint.. it wasn’t Magoo)  One thing that I didn’t expect was that Magoo would be so consistent, he threw his traits and stamped his look on every production.  Around this time, having close to the look I wanted, I started line breeding.


Magoo sold for $750,000 and is now part of Dreamchaser Bullies in China owned by Nan Bai


No, I had sold about 10 of my productions for over $50,000, a dog named Yoshi for $65,000 and a dog named Toshi for $125,000


Casablanca was sold for ...... as a Co-Own to partners in Taiwan

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The most important part of raising or owning a Bully, is proper nutrition and health care. These helpful tips will give you some brief and general rules for properly raising a Bully. They may look fierce, but American bullies tend to be among the most affectionate of dogs, and are perfect for people who love dogs with big character, but don't have enough space for bigger breeds at home.  Their gentle nature doesn't seem to go with their threatening appearance, but American bullies make great companions for their owners and fit right into the family. 

These dogs are ideal companions that are loyal to their families, and have a gentle nature, even around small children, who they love playing and spending time with. As far as caring for your dog is concerned, it's important to consider the basics: hygiene, food and especially exercise. They are not dogs that need lots of looking after, and are usually very  healthy when bred correctly. Although, unfortunately due to the popularity of the breed this isn't always the case.  In this article we will cover the basics in providing the best care for your new family member starting with vaccinations, nutrition and exercise.

Your Bully is considered a puppy from 8 weeks to 6 months, to ensure the proper growth and health of your puppy, follow these tips. Regular vet visits, your puppy should get a series of puppy vaccinations. These vaccinations should be given in three week intervals. Your puppy should have a total of five. The vaccination should be a standard 7-way shot that begins at 5 weeks of age. In some areas, you may need to give your puppy a 7-way with Corona. Ask your local vet if that is needed in your area.

When your Bully reaches 6 months in age, have your vet give a 3 year rabies vaccination. Rabies vaccinations should be repeated every three years.

Every year, staring at 1 year of age, you should give your American Bully a 7-way vaccination as a booster.

Once a year have your vet do a complete health check on your Bully.

Dogs can be infected with a few different types of worms. It is always best to have your vet do a fecal check to see if your dog is infected with any worms, parasites, or bacteria.

We recommend having your dog checked every three months.

You should also have your vet start them on a heart worm preventative at 4 months. Some of these contain medications to kill other worm varieties as well as heart worm. Some are even effective for fleas and ticks, ask your vet to show you the different options they have.

You should always repeat a worming 14 days after the initial worming. Tape worms require a 3 day treatment. Always have your dog checked on a regular basis.

For Bullies under a year we recommend a high protein, high fat, quality food. Check your ingredients, the first 3 listed ingredients should be a form of meat. We recommend a high quality food with at least 20% fat content or higher, and at least 30% protein content or higher.

There are a lot of premium pet foods on the market that will have these ingredients.  As we covered in a previous article, there are several 5 Star Rated dry dog foods on the Dog Food Advisor's website  Every dog is different, and responds differently to ingredients in the different food brands.  Your best bet is to select a 5 Star Rated food with high quality ingredients, avoiding any known allergies your dog may have.  You will notice changes in your dogs skin, itching and scripting around the eyes and feet if your dog has a food allergy or reacts to certain ingredients in their food.

There are also frozen food products that work very well, and raw feeding can be an excellent choice as well.  But feeding raw does consist of some research and food preparation on your end. Decide what you're willing to commit to before starting any diet.

Quantity will depend on your dog, we feel it is best to feed an american bully puppy as much as they will eat. We also recommend feeding them three times a day, or free feeding all day long. Also, try and keep some fat on your Bully puppy this will aid in proper growth.  As your Bully gets older, their feeding patterns will change. After a year to a year ½, you should feed your dog enough to maintain a full look, but not overweight. Their metabolism will change on its own, and you will see the puppy fat change into muscle.

For dogs under a year and females we also recommend giving a calcium supplement, but do not give your dog too much calcium as this can cause more harm than good.  With all of the supplements being crammed down dog's owner's throats and marketed to us daily.. look beyond the hype.  A quality kibble, or raw diet and a few supplements (if necessary) is plenty.  

To recap: Good supplements- Multi Vitamin, Fish Oils, and a probiotic (FortiFlora) will cover everything your dog needs and then some. 

Vitamins and vitamin supplements can be good for dogs of all ages. There are different vitamins for different purposes and ages. Use one according to your dogs age. A multi purpose vitamin is recommended after 9 months. Vita Bully and Dynovite are both quality vitamin supplements.  More is not always better!  You do not need to over do it on the supplements.  If your dog has the genetic make up to have a "bullier" build it will mature into that, if it doesn't all the supplements and training in the world aren't going to add on the muscle mass you desire.  

How do I bulk up my pit bull or American Bully? 

Other Ways to Add Muscle/Mass

A lot of breeders will feed Satin Balls in the few weeks leading up into a show.  If you laughed at the term "satin balls" grow up.. Just kidding, I still can't say that without a shit eating grin on my face.. As ridiculous as it sounds satin balls are unbelievable at adding weight and mass to your dog.

"Satin Balls" are a total canine diet. But be very careful, as it will put weight on a dog fast, if you feed enough. It can be feed by itself, but because it is so rich and high in calories, I only feed as a supplement.  So, if you have a sick dog needing to be built up or an underweight dog dog with little or no appetite, they may do very well on "Satin Balls" as a supplement.

Also, I give about a 1/4 pound occasionally, to maintain a beautiful coat and energy level.  Don't mix or hide Satin Balls in with kibble, your dog will make a mess of the kibble, trying to get to the Satin Balls.  It is perfectly fine to freeze Satin Balls in pre-formed and weighed portions.  When mixing the ingredients, it is a gooey mess. There are many sites with recipes for "Satin Balls", but I chose the following, because it breaks the recipe down into various sizes.

10 lbs cheap hamburger (high fat %)
1 large box Total cereal (about 12 cups cereal)
1 large box uncooked oatmeal (about 15 cups oats)
10 raw eggs
1 15oz jar wheat germ
10 packages Knox unflavored gelatin
1 and 1/4 cup vegetable oil
1 and 1/4 cup unsulfured molasses
Pinch of salt

"Whole Wheat Total" cereal (blue box) comes in large 1 lb 2 oz size (about 12 cups settled) and a smaller 12 oz size (about 8 cups cereal), which would work in Little Dog or Half Recipe. But in the long run, the large size is more economical. Don't get Raisin Total or Lo Carb. Total.

Uncooked Oatmeal like "Quaker Old Fashioned Oats" and less expensive supermarket house brand, come in large 2 lb 10oz size (15 cups oats) or smaller 18 oz size (about 7 cups oats).

15oz jar of wheat germ is about 4 cups. Some stores only carry a 12oz jar of wheat germ, which contains about 3 and 1/4 cups of it.

Vegetable oil-use a good one. I use olive oil.

Last but not least is fresh water! Always make sure your Bully has access to fresh water at all times. We recommend replacing the water ever 4-6 hours.

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