The American Bully is truly an incredible breed, they have a special ability to absorb negative emotions and could make great therapy pets.

Bailey is BULLY KING Magazine 's hero, and he wants to be a hero for disabled children everywhere. With your help, Bailey can be a Super Hero for every child suffering from a disability.

How our journey with Leo & Bailey started!

In December of 2014, our close friends, Scotty & Rebekah Ezell asked if they could take us out to dinner to talk with us about something.

See, my son Bailey Ange, was born with a Congenital Heart Disease called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS). He later developed Epilepsy (age 5) & Autism (age 7). He is now 16.
Scotty and Rebekah had an idea that would soon change Baileys life!

They wanted to give Bailey one of their pups. We accepted their offer and immediately started doing research on this breed, the American Bully.

Bailey was involved through the whole process of the mother, Bella, when she was pregnant. He loved it! Trying to patiently await the arrival of his puppy was the hardest part! When the pups were born, Bailey immediately navigated to Leo (a name he had already picked out if it were to be a boy).

Leo also had an immediate bond with Bailey. We used a calendar to mark the days until Leo would be able to come home with him. When that day came, you would have thought it was Christmas morning for Bailey.

Bailey has struggled with "meltdowns" a lot in the last few years that were completely out of his control. He was having around 4-5 a week. They were so bad at times that we, my husband Brad and I, would have to give him medication to attempt to calm him down. That was Autism at its finest!

Then in April of 2015, Leo came to his forever home with Bailey! What an AMAZING transformation we saw almost immediately! His "fits"(meltdowns) were almost at zero! When I say zero, Bailey hasn't had a meltdown since that Leo hasn't been able to "fix" instead of using his medications!

Leo has now become Baileys medication!

We will all forever be grateful for this pup and how it has changed all of our lives, especially Bailey's!

Rachel & Brad Smithson

BULLY KING decided Bailey is our Official "BULLY KING"

For the record, Bailey's family has not asked for a dime, Scott & Becca along with Rachel & Brad are amazing people. When Scott, Rebecca, Rachel & Brad told me about their idea for "Bailey's Bullies" I was truly inspired.

Please share this amazing story so Bailey can touch countless other lives like he has mine.

We want to use this story to help children with disabilties, every donation counts. Help Bailey be the Super Hero for his friends, that we already know he his.

Donate To Bailey's Bullies Here

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