BULLY KING Magazine is hosting the 1st Annual "People's Choice Awards" Where the people Choose their favorite Bullies in each different Category (Pocket, Standard, Classic, XL, Micro & Extreme)

Voting is LIVE For All Categories! (Pocket, Standard, Classic, XL, Extreme & Micro) Over 2,000 Votes are already in! In just 2 days! Vote for your favorites in EACH Category by Clicking the links below.

Pocket Bully

Standard Bully

Classic Bully

XL Bully

Extreme Bully

Micro Bully

**All dogs that made it to the Official Poll for Voting will be featured in the magazine**

So be sure to Subscribe!

If your dog didn't receive enough votes, or didn't get posted in time with all 3 requirements (photo, kennel & dog name and ped link) we will be doing this annually so don't stress.

We had it open to ALL for a week, so be ready next year! Also, this is the People's Choice based on their favorites. This should be taken as just that-the People's favorite. This obviously does not carry more weight than dogs that have proven themselves in the Show ring and have earned Champion or grand Champion Titles.

The Poll Will Be Live.. Meaning you can check on the rankings as votes come in. The Poll lasts for One Week. Leaders in Their Category Will Be Crowned ‪#‎BULLYKING‬

We have No Control Over Results Once Poll Goes Live So If You Don't Win Don't Get Mad At Us

To Subscribe to the magazine go to: www.bullykingmagazine.com
Good luck!

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