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The Exotic Bully tends to be a heated and sensitive subject within the bully world, some of the most common arguments involve health, lifespan, unethical breeding and fraud. A lot of exotic supporters tend to defend this breed by comparing the harassment the American Bully had to overcome from pit bull breeders.

"I see this as an unfair comparison because the American Bully's true image was a well structured, healthy standard. A large bully dog comes with additional health issues but as long as the structure is functional, the animal can live a long joyful life." 

People often mislabel their dogs as exotic as a marketing tactic to seek financial gain in which case most are extreme American Bullies. Breeding towards these exaggerated features is acceptable to a degree as long as health and structure is not sacrificed. The known standards for the exotic bully includes structural defects which is why health is a large part of this argument.

So where did this term Exotic Bully originate?

The first use of the word was used by Garden State Bullies as a marketing ploy to sell defective dogs (which as we can see worked really well.) Other unethical and inexperienced breeders took advantage of this new movement for financial gain and from our point of view gave exotics the bad image they have today. This has attracted people strictly searching for status, fame and money. 

Personally, we don't prefer the Exotic type, although if that is your preference and you own or breed Exotic Bullies without the many health issues that most have, we have no problem with that.  If the dog is functional and healthy we have no right to tell you what type of dog you prefer.  

The problem is that most suffer from a plethora of issues. If we did like the look of Exotics we would just buy an English Bulldog and crop the ears. It's clear that exotic’s are American Bullies crossed with English and/or French Bulldogs. The American Bully breed does contain elements of bulldog but we’ve chosen to achieve a healthier, balanced appearance.

A topic that gets discussed a lot is paper hanging, fraud can be used on both sides of the conversation and paper hanging has been done in every breed in existence. What needs to be expressed to individuals who seek involvement with exotics is the potential risk of losing their registration papers. (Which is a common issue when establishing any new breed until you break away and form a breed club or registry)

The Problem 

Go to an ABKC, RKC, BBCR show, these dogs would get laughed out of the ring. Most look great online thanks to photoshop but are underwhelming when you see them in person.

These are the dogs who's owners you see at Shows hanging out by the door telling each other how badass their dogs are, by other owners who were sold the same dream.

You'll hear "Kratos, 2X Miagi" etc.. but just look at the dogs.. Then if anyone has the audacity to mention the truth online or state that the dog is a disaster, they're a "hater."

No one these days can seem to hear facts.  Then, in just about every forum online you'll have a bunch of other noobs commenting "fire bro" "haters make the world go round" or some other nonsensical generic response.  It's much easier to label anyone that gives them the truth a "hater" than to admit you were sold a dream.

Shit, if I dropped 30K on a new car that was defective, and people were commenting online that it was a piece of junk, I'd call them haters too. I'm invested at this point, and if I want to re-sell my piece of shit car I need to make others believe that shit is the shit. "Fire bro"

Now before anyone gets upset, we are referring to the genetic disasters.  We are not bashing the exotic bully as a whole.  If your dog has health issues, can't walk or run and destined to a short life full of joint pain and back problems, feel free to be offended. If you label your dog as Exotic and produce healthy, functional examples, this isn't directed at you. Lead the community, and be an example. Help set breed Standards for a happy, healthy dog. At the end of the day, that's all we care about.

You can have a short, extremely muscled dog with dense bone, head and chest that can still move, run, jump and be active.. 

Here's Two very short dogs with Extreme builds that that are functional. They don't need to be wheeled out in a wheel barrow for Shows.. The dog on the left is a Grand Champion in the Pocket Class.

If Exotic Breeders Wish to Truly Develop This Into A Respected Breed..

They need to separate themselves from American Bully breed/community and develop a healthy standard that encompasses the exaggerated features but minimizing the health concerns we’re seeing today.

You can’t base anything lasting on a faulty foundation 

Another concern is lack of leadership and a single registry to support this community.  To establish a breed properly you need experienced individuals that understand how a dog should function. A large number of canine registries have popped up over the years with different standards and I believe the intentions are clearly for profit and not establishing a breed standard and hosting conformation events.

An issue a lot of pure breeds today are having is their being slowly destroyed by breeders following unethical breeding practices which is causing severe health problems. Like the English Bulldog the exotic's are seeing tremendous health problems with structure, breathing, joints, hips and heart issues which is causing reduced lifespans and quality of life. 

Some of the more established breeds like Great Danes, German Shepherd, English Bulldogs, Dalmatians and more have fallen victim to the same problems we’re seeing with Exotic Bullies. "I've seen first hand- dogs who can't even walk be held up in the ring and win conformation shows."

If we as a community continue to support this style of breeding we'll breed domestic dog into extinction. The internet and media is filled with negative and false information towards breeders. "As breeders we need to be aware of the image we represent to the world. My hope for this article is to educate people looking to get involved in the breeding world and to hopefully bring a new and educated view into this troubling movement."

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