BULLY KING Magazine Mascot Louis V Line's Venom Has Become an Official U.B.N. Mascot 

Check out the United Bully Nation and mark your Calendars for their Upcoming Shows! At BULLY KING Magazine we Support All Dogs and Registries (Unlike the Majority of Magazines partnered or in bed with a Single Registry.  

This allows us to keep it about the dogs, and not the politics. We support any registry that keeps good records and does honest business.  We have been following the U.B.N. Registry for some time now, and have heard nothing but great things. We are honored to have Venom represent the U.B.N. as an Official Mascot. 

BULLY KING Magazine will be attending our 1st U.B.N. Show with Mascot Venom in the upcoming year. If you haven't registered yet, register HERE

Louis V Line's Venom
• 2016 & 2017 BULLY KING Magazine Mascot
• 2017 U.B.N. Mascot
• 2016 BULLY KING The Magazine People's Choice Awards "Best Micro Bully"
• Top 10 Most Impressive Pocket Bully's (at 11 months old)
• Champagne & Tri Carrier (Blue, Lilac & Chocolate)

Stud Fee: $3000 with $1000 deposit/ $2500 paid in full

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Run of the Bulls from Texas Size Bullies on Vimeo.
Louis V Line's Venom from Texas Size Bullies on Vimeo.
"Do You Even Lift Bro?" from Texas Size Bullies on Vimeo.

Returning BULLY KING Magazine 2016 Mascot Louis V Line's Venom (Louis V's shortest and most compact son) Blew up last year winning the People's Choice Awards "Best Micro" bully with over 2,000 votes. One of 2016's Top 10 Most Impressive Pocket Bully's (at only 11 months young.)

Bearing a striking resemblance to his dad- the Legendary Louis V, Venom is extremely short & compact with a Headpiece reminiscent of the late great Cashpot. This Champagne mini gorilla garnered over 2 million video views, making him the most viewed bully of 2016. Venom is producing some of the most compact, boned up little bulls we've ever seen. The fact he's a tri carrier is just icing on the cake.
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